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[The Board] June Elizabeth Kang
June Elizabeth Kang
June graduated from the University of Western Ontario and is a second-generation Canadian from Toronto, having lived in Korea for 30 years. She has actively been involved with the international community in Seoul, since her career began in 2003, working as the Head of Advancement for the Seoul Foreign School. She also served as the Secretary-General of the Korean Foreign Schools Foundation, was a Co-Chair for the Education committee of the American Chamber of Commerce, and has served on the Canadian Chamber of Commerce board for over 20 years. 
In 2017, June made a transition in her career and partnered with CJ Entertainment and Media, to launch her endeavor in electronic retailing, under the auspices of her persona. The program is called, 'June Kang's Good Life', and competes within the top three programs currently leading in this industry. She is also the only foreigner hosting a program of this nature in Korea. 
June has authored two published books, with her most recent being her memoir, called, 'June Kang's Ways of Communication', sharing personal life stories relevant to family and work-life experiences.
She is married to actor Choi Min Soo and has two sons.