Summary of Memberships

Benefits Platinum
Young Professional
Members Number of registered members 5 people 5 people 3 people 1 person 1 person
Number of voting rights 5 votes 3 votes 1 votes 1 votes
Events Discount to Chamber eventss
Advance notice and exclusive invitation to member only event
Member logo on the Chamber’s official X-banner at every event site
Complimentary Tickets to key events
Membership Directory Member profile in annual Membership Directory
Complimentary full page advertisement
Paid advertisement opportunity
Monthly e-Newsletter; Canada Communiqué Subscription to monthly online e-Newsletter
Member introduction in the “Welcome Wagons” section
Member logo on the newsletter header
Webpage Opportunity for member spotlight in the “Member News” section
Member logo on the webpage banner
Member logo on the online Membership Directory section
Social Media Opportunity for member spotlight on the Chamber’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Blog