Free Trade Agreement

Canada-South Korea trade and investment relationship

The Canada-Korea Free Trade-Agreement(CKFTA)turned 4 on January 1. Canada’s exports to Korea in 2018 were 14% higher than in 2017, and 40% higher than in 2014, the year before the CKFTA came into effect.

Canada and South Korea enjoy a significant bilateral trade and investment relationship with tremendous potential for growth. In 2016, South Korea was the third largest export market for Canada in Asia, receiving 8% ($4.3 billion) of Canada’s Asia-bound merchandise goods. Imports from Asia also continued to grow year-on-year, and Canada now imports 23% ($121 billion) of its goods from that region, in 2016, and particularly, import levels from South Korea ($10.6 billion) represented 9%.

At-a-Glance Diagrams

Merchandise Exports to South Korea, Top 10
Products: 2016 Value ($)

Merchandise Imports from South Korea, Top 10
Products: 2016 Value ($)